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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspectiondyer vent fire assesemt

Frequent dryer vent cleaning will make your home safer and more efficient. Dryer vents ducts ventilate hot moist air from clothes dryer, to the outside.  Most of the time dyer vents do their job without any problems, however even a small dryer vent problem can have big consequences. Lint build up in dyer vents causes clothes dryers to work harder evaporating the water from wet clothing. Leaks in your dryer vents, mold, water marks, and of course critters.

You can search the web and find a good do-it-yourself dryer vent cleaning website. However if you don’t have the time or want the peace of mind knowing a professional has cleaned and inspected your dryer vent, give us a call to schedule dryer vent cleaning in the Philadelphia Suburbs today.

At A1 Sparkles Cleaning our Philadelphia suburbs cleaning services team provides two types of dryer vent cleaning services:Dirt to Clean air duct cleaning

  • Routine Cleaning: All dryer vents are cleaned using a high pressure, compressed air tool – a jet-snake. The jet-snake shoots down the dryer vent, blasting loose lint and debris, where we catch it in a special vacuum cleaner. We also may use brushes and air whips for extreme dryer vent clogs. No lint should escape into the dryer or your residence.
  • Problem Solving: All dyer vent cleanings include a free 50 point inspection, along with a possible video camera inspection. If we find any safety hazards or potential problems we will inform you and with your permission performed any necessary repairs.  This way you know your dryer vent is clean and safe.

Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection Only $149

1/2 Price Sale with Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial dryer vent cleaning please contact us.

9 Dryer Vent Problems:

  1. Bird nests in dryer vent ductingdryer vent cleaning experts
  2. Dryer vent is too long
  3. Dryer vent has too many turns
  4. Dryer Vent termination screens
  5. Exposed screws in dryer vent
  6. Plastic duct materials
  7. Flaps painted shut
  8. Crushed behind dryer
  9. Damaged or loose venting

9 Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning:

  1. Fire Prevention
  2. Reduced energy billshappy clothes dryer
  3. Prolonged clothes dryer life span
  4. Quicker drying times
  5. No musty smelling clothes
  6. Better indoor air quality
  7. Mold prevention
  8. Elimination of possible critters
  9. Peace of mind

Additional Reading-FEMA: Factors Contributing to Ignition in Clothes Dryer Fires

House fires caused by dryers are far more common than are generally believed, a fact that can be appreciated upon reviewing statistics from the National Fire Protection Agency. Fires caused by dryers in 2005 were responsible for approximately 13,775 house fires, 418 injuries, 15 deaths, and $196 million in property damage. Most of these incidents occur in residences and are the result of improper lint cleanup and maintenance. Fortunately, these fires are very easy to prevent.n Residential Buildings

Disclaimer: Dryer vent cleaning improves drying times and reduces the chance of dryer fires. A plugged dryer vent, however, is only one of several factors that contribute toward a hazardous situation. (Other factors may include: lint inside dryer, plugged or missing lint screen, and defective thermostat and limit switches.) We cannot, therefore, make any claim that dryer vent cleaning will, by itself, prevent dryer fires. Consult you municipal building code inspector for more your townships regulations.

If you are interested in our dryer vent cleaning services in the Philadelphia suburbs then please call 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.

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