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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Without professional hardwood floor cleaning in the Philadelphia suburbs, wood floors become dull and dirty.  Dirt gets embedded and may never come out. Until recently, the only way to clean hardwood floors was with a rotary machine that failed to deep scrub the wood, left behind ugly swirl marks and sometimes warped the wood causing permanent damage. If you wait too long, you’ll have to sand it.

With our method here at A1 Sparkles Cleaning you can have sparkling clean hardwood floors for less than $2.00 s/f. And in most cases, you can walk on it within a few hours. Hardwoods indeed can last forever if they are adequately maintained.

Our hardwood floor cleaning process will not;

  1. Remove significant scratches or stains.
  2. Reach anything under the polyurethane finish.light hardwood floor
  3. Remove odors.
  4. Remove paint.
  5. Fill in gaps.
  6. Not available for laminate flooring.

Our hardwood floor cleaning process makes good floors better;

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Low VOC omissions, biodegradable products, and no chemical residue.
  2. Fast – you can walk on the hardwood floor in a few hours, (with socks or soft slippers).
  3. Invest – For every dollar invested you’ll get 80 cents back in preventative maintenance.
  4. Affordable –Price discounts for larger jobs.
  5. Beautiful – Long-lasting beauty and brighter rooms.
  6. Health – Eliminate germs and bacteria build up.

1. Hardwood Rejuvenate Cleaning from $0.89 s/f

Intensive Floor Treatment to aggressively clean and extract dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue and other contaminants from hardwood floors. Minimum $80 per area.

Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

  • 1. Establish Protected Areashardwood floor cleaners
  • 2. Vacuum
  • 3. First Cylindrical Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 4. Hand Scrub and Edging
  • 5. The second Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 6. Microfiber Mop

Immediate traffic, furniture repositioning, and area rug relay.

2. Hardwood Rejuvenate & Refinish $1.19 s/f (Most Popular)

Protect Hardwood FloorsThe easy way to revitalize your finished hardwood floor. Unmatched beauty and protecting at a low price. Adds a new coat of finish, this will protect your hardwood floors while giving them a gloss or satin sheen.

wood floor cleaning

  • 1. Establish Protected Areas
  • 2. Vacuum
  • 3. First Cylindrical Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 4. Hand Scrub and Edging
  • 5. The second Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 6. Microfiber Mop
  • 7. Apply 2 Coats Hardwood Floor Refinish (Available in Semi-Gloss, and Satin)

Sock traffic in 4 hours. 24 hours before regular traffic. Area rugs 5 days. 24 hours furniture repositioning. 

Available in Semi-Gloss, and Satin.

3. Hardwood Re-coating $1.69 per s/f

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Protecting

The most robust and most durable refinish on the market. Adds beauty and protection to any environment, and its UV inhibitor minimizes sunlight-related color changes. Min $150 Per Area

1. Establish Protected Areashardwood floors that sparkle
2. Soft Vacuum
3. First Cylindrical Scrub, Extract and Dry
4. Hand Scrub and Edging
5. The second Scrub, Extract and Drying
6. Microfiber Mop Dry
7. Apply and Dry Tykote®
8. Apply 2 Coats of Floor Finisher (Available in Semi-Gloss, and Satin)

Sock traffic in 4 hours. 48 hours before regular traffic. Area rugs 5 days. 24 hours furniture repositioning.

For commercial hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing rates, please call our Philadelphia suburbs cleaning services team today.

Additional Tips on Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If you are interested in our hardwood floor cleaning services in the Philadelphia suburbs, then please call 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.

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