Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Yes everyone loves a beautiful hardwood floor! dark hardwood floor

Over time hardwood floors become dull and dirty. Just like carpet hardwood floors need professional cleaning to restore their beauty. Hardwood floors are a beautiful choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and entry ways. Hardwood floors stand up well to dirt, grime, and animals. The urethane finish on wood floors protects the wood while giving it an even shine. It is also easy to clean requiring only vacuuming and a light mopping. Hardwoods truly can last forever if they are properly maintained.

Until recently, the only way to clean hardwood floors was with a rotary machine that failed to deep scrub the wood, left behind ugly swirl marks and sometimes warped the wood causing permanent damage.  If you wait too long you’ll have to sand it. This takes 3 to 4 days to complete and costs $3 to $6 per square foot. This is close to the initial price of installation. Now with our method you can have sparkling clean hardwood floors for less than $2 sf. And you can walk on it within a few hours.

light hardwood floor

  • Environmentally Friendly – Low VOC omissions, biodegradable products, and no chemical residue.
  • No Mess – Eliminates the dust, noise, and odors of traditional methods.
  • Fast – you can walk on the hardwood floor in a few hours, (with socks or soft slippers).
  • Affordable – For every dollar invested you’ll get two dollars back in preventative long term maintenance.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services and Rates 

1. Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning.

Intensive Floor Treatment to aggressively clean and extract dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue and other contaminants from hardwood floors. Great for cleaning and extracting dirt and other contaminants from hardwood floors.

  • 1. Establish Protected Areashardwood floor cleaners
  • 2. Vacuum
  • 3. First Cylindrical Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 4. Hand Scrub and Edging
  • 5. Second Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 6. Microfiber Mop


2. Intensive Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinish 

After cleaning & extracting dirt and other contaminants from hardwood floors, we apply an odorless water based polyurethane coating. This will protect your hardwood floors while giving them a gloss or satin sheen. Great for older hardwood floors without and surface scratches. *Must pass acrylic test.

floor cleaning

  • 1. Establish Protected Areas
  • 2. Vacuum
  • 3. First Cylindrical Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 4. Hand Scrub and Edging
  • 5. Second Scrub, Extract and Dry
  • 6. Microfiber Mop
  • 7. Apply Hardwood Floor Refinish

This service is not meant to replace sanding or refinishing.

We set up your cleaning appointment as if we were going to do the entire job. Perform the acrylic test. If you pass we proceed. If it’s a fail we can clean only. For customers who don’t won’t the clean only, we charge $40 for the visit. Furniture moving is extra and must stay of the floor for 24 hours. Area rugs must stay off the floor for 10 days. Areas over 500 sf are discounted. For commercial hardwood floor rates please call us.

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