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philadelphia suburbs cleaning services

Cleaning Service Specials for Philadelphia Suburbs

Below you’ll find some of our current cleaning service specials. For more details, please give us a call!

Frequent Carpet Cleaning Discounts

The secret to long lasting and beautiful carpet is to truck-mount steam cleaning.

    Number Of Months




    Signature Discount

    10% Off

    25% Off

    15% Off

    Chairman Discounts

    50% Off

    20% Off

    15% Off

Exclusive low cleaning rates to help jump start your cleaning chores! Simply send an email to the email address associated with each offer to receive your code.

Cleaning Coupons

Green Carpet Cleaning  Coupons PA

Carpet Rugs or Marble. We Make it Sparkle!

  1. $110 off any purchase over $900

  2. $85 off any purchase over $700

  3. $60 off any purchase over $500

  4. $21 off any purchase over $200

  5. $10 off any purchase over $150


Military, Police & Fire Discounts


For Those Who Serve, Thank You!

15% off any purchase over $150
Id verification is required
Send an email to: civil_servant@a1sparkles.com

Me and My Neighbor Cleaning

15% off any purchase over $175 each
Same day visit: Maximum 2 mile distance
Send an email to: neighbor@a1sparkles.com

If you are looking for discounted cleaning services in suburban Philadelphia please call 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.