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How To Hire The Best Carpet Cleaner In Philadelphia

Firstly, congratulations! The benefits of having someone a professionally cleaned carpet for you are fantastic: prolonged life span, beautiful appearance, softer feel, and improved indoor air quality. A sparkling home or business is what we all want, and it starts with you carpets. If you are in the Philadelphia area internet search will show over […]

Dusting Tips

House Hold Dusting Tips 1. Keep windows, doors, and garage doors closed. 2. If you keep your windows open, buy allergen screens. Run HVAC Fan to ciculate and clean air inside. 3. Buy high end filters for your home that minimize dust. 4. Take off your shoes before coming into your home and leave them […]

What Are House Dust Mites?

Dust mites are in your home and cause allergic reactions. They belong to the family of eight-legged creatures called arachnids. This family also includes spiders, chiggers and ticks. Dust mites are hardy creatures that multiply easily in warm, humid places. They prefer temperatures at or above 70°F with a relative humidity of 55-80 percent and […]

Press Release Hardwood Floor Cleaning

PR Log – Global Press Release Distribution Local Cleaning Company Now Offer Hardwood Floor Cleaning. Philadelphia, PA- March 27th, 2012- Philadelphia based house cleaning and carpet cleaning company, A1Sparkles, has just launched its much anticipated hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing service. The announcement by the ever growing cleaning company is meant to inform customers of […]

Free Cleaning Products

Friendship has its benefits. If you are a fan of the A1 Sparkles Cleaning’s facebook page, you are already automatically entered to win the cleaning supplies package Giveaway. Drawing will be held on September 1st, 2012.

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