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Bensalem’s Experienced Cleaning Professionals

12-Step Rug Spa Deep Cleaning  Inspection – Every rug, is thoroughly inspected. Dusting –Using compressed air and the Wolverine rug duster we blast out years of dust, your vacuum can’t even begin to reach. Certified Pile Lifting – The deepest vacuum on the planet. Adds life to your rugs by removing dust your vacuum can’t even begin to reach. Helps restore traffic lanes and open the nap. Washing – Most rugs are washed in our simulated river basin or low moister mechanized hand cleaning. We use counter-rotating scrubbers with just enough power to deep clean without compromising the rug's pile or structure. Rinsing – While rug cleaning in the basin purified fresh water enters in one end, and dirty water is pumped out the opposite end. As the rug is hanging purified water is drained from the top of the rug down. Wand rinsing and truck-mount vacuums start the drying process. Specialty Services - Deodorizing, moth treatment, fringe whiting & more. Drying – Freshly cleaned rugs are dried by air movers and commercial dehumidifiers. We drop the indoor humidity to desert levels and move warm clean air through the rugs. Detailing – While hanging transparent hand tools extract any remaining. Grooming - Brushing the pile, sides, fringe, and selvage of any loose fibers. Vacuum – Using 3 different vacuums we ensure rugs are clean as possible. Inspection - Your rugs are as clean as possible and don't leave our rug spa until they have a fluffy feel. Delivery - For customer pickups, we'll load your rugs in your car curbside. Rug delivery includes light furniture moving and relaying you clean rugs. For pet odor removal, we add enzymes and soak the rug overnight. Rollers, pile lifters, and scrubbers are used to agitate and flex the rug. Clean rugs are wrapped in brown art paper and supporting plastic wrap. Visit our rug cleaning spa 5 minutes from the King of Prussia, 422, and the Main Line, PA.If you don’t have the time or energy to give your Bensalem home the thorough cleaning it might be needed, then you need to call the cleaning professionals at A1 Sparkles. Whether you’re in the market for a whole home cleaning or a carpet cleaning, you can depend on our experienced experts to get your Bensalem home looking its best.

Quality House-Cleaning Services in Bensalem, PA

Your Bensalem home is the center of your life, so you should be sure it’s a clean and beautiful center. To easily make your home the cleanest and most beautiful place in your life, call A1 Sparkles. With our house-cleaning service, we’ll get your home looking great in little time at all.

Your Top Bensalem Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpet makes the difference between a beautiful home and a homely one, and you’ll certainly want your Bensalem home to err on the beautiful side. To make sure it does, you need to call our experienced team for a thorough carpet cleaning when your carpeting is looking less than its best.

Bensalem, PA

If you are looking for expert cleaning services in Bensalem, then please call 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.