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How To Hire The Best Carpet Cleaner In Philadelphia

Firstly, congratulations! The benefits of having someone a professionally cleaned carpet for you are fantastic: prolonged life span, beautiful appearance, softer feel, and improved indoor air quality. A sparkling home or business is what we all want, and it starts with you carpets.

If you are in the Philadelphia area internet search will show over 1000 carpet cleaning companies. How do you know what one to hire?

But there are things that you need to consider.

Carpet cleaning is very personal and hiring a carpet cleaning company means allowing a stranger into your home. Probably many questions are going around your head like “Nobody cleans my home like me.” or “what happens if something goes wrong?” or “Can I afford it?” or “How will they know what I need doing?”

We have compiled a check list of the most important factors for hiring a carpet cleaning service. When shopping for a carpet cleaning company you must get answers to the following:

1. Physical Location – The most important feature is you need to know that your cleaning service has an office. Not just a home office or PO Box, but a local location that you can visit or drive by. They should own the building, because all too often fly by night companies move from site to site to avoid customer complaints, IRS, and local authorities.

2. The Owners – Do you know who owns company? Can you talk to them? What is the ownership’s education level, personal experience, and over all involvement in the company. Look for owners that are active in the company and the local community.

3. Insured – If you are going to have any carpet cleaning service or contractor enter your home or business they must be insured, or you’ll be at risk. If not, you might need to be insured against them!

4. Reputation – Professional affiliations, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s list, certifications, references, and online reviews.

5. Staff – Can they clean? What is the companies training and hiring procedure? Employee retention, tenure, and training are vital. Are they employees or subcontractors?

6. Products and Equipment – What kinds of cleaning products is a cleaner introducing into your home? Do you have children and pets you need to worry about? Compare a $500 portable carpet cleaning unit to a $50,000 truck mount unit. Or compare dollar store carpet spotters to certified green cleaning products. HEPA vacuums are an absolute must.

7. Guarantees – What kind of guarantees do they offer? What is their complaint procedure?

8. Price – Professional carpet cleaning companies charge more because they invest more in their cleaning equipment and staff. Cleaning takes time, training, and professional equipment. Time is money so avoid hiring the cheapest service. As a general rule you get what you pay for. Avoid hiring the cheapest or most expensive carpet cleaning service.

9. Trust – If you are going to hire a professional carpet cleaning service you must ensure you know who they are and you can trust them! Anything less and you’ll be cutting corners.

We hope you’ll hire A1 Sparkles Natural Carpet Cleaning or Philadelphia!


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