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Carpet Cleaning Services in Philadelphia, PA

Dirty Carpet

Between shoes, pets, spills, and dander from the air, carpets can get plenty dirty. But they don’t have to stay that way. When you call A1 Sparkles, you’ll get quality carpet cleaning to refresh your carpets and help them look like new again. We provide our services all over the Philadelphia, PA, area.

What Can You Expect

We offer several different carpet cleaning bundles to ensure your complete satisfaction. In fact, we are so confident in our services that we give you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your carpets, we’ll clean them again for free.

We also give you the best price on our carpet cleaning services. Our goal is to give you clean carpets that don’t break the bank and that you’ll be able to enjoy.

If you want a thorough, family-owned carpet cleaning company to rejuvenate your carpets, call us today at 610-292-9069.

Basic 5 Step Carpet Cleaning

3 Room Special Only $149  Save $10 Book Now

Similar to Stanley Steamer but cheaper, better, and safer. Only $53 per room after.

  1. Carpet Inspection.
  2. H2O2 Pre-treatment.
  3. Green Spotter.
  4. Purified Steam Rinse.
  5. Single Shot Extraction

Signature 10 Step Carpet Cleaning 

3 Room Special Only $169 Save $20 Book Now

Our most popular package! For a deep-down carpet cleaning with no chemical residue. Only $63 per room after.

  1. Carpet Inspection.
  2. Establish Protected Areas.
  3. Furniture Moving & Tabbing.
  4. H2O2 Pre-treatment.
  5. Green Spotter.The Best Carpet Cleaning In PA
  6. Hand Scrubbing.
  7. Purified Steam Rinse.
  8. Double Shot Extraction.
  9. Free Shoe Covers.
  10. Lifetime Supply of Carpet Spotter.

Chairman 15 Step Carpet Cleaning

 3 Room Special Only $329 Save $46  Book Now

The best carpet cleaning for long-lasting healthy carpets. Only $125 per room after.

  1.  Carpet Inspection.
  2. Establish Protected Areas.
  3. Pre-Vacuum.
  4. Furniture Moving & Tabbing.
  5. H2O2 Pre-treatment.
  6. Green Spotter.
  7. Hand Spotting.
  8. Hand Scrub.
  9. Power Scrub.
  10. Purified Steam Rinse.green cleaning
  11. Triple Shot Extraction.
  12. Anti-Allergen or
  13. Scotchgard.
  14. Free Shoe Covers.
  15. Lifetime Supply of Carpet Spotter.

 Additional Services

Per 300 sf rooms/areas. Odors, stains, embedded soil, grease, filtration, paint, gum, repairs & excessive/heavy furniture moving are extra. Stairs (up to 15 steps) count as a room. $50 portable fee. 25-50% off future cleanings.

If you’re concerned about harsh chemicals and looking for the best carpet cleaners near call A1 Sparkles Natural Carpet Cleaning Today 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.

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