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Carpet Odor Control

Carpet odors can be dangerous to your health and, if left untreated, will cause permanent damage to your carpets. You may have tried those “Miracle Products” only to find they don’t work. At best, you can expect to remove up to 30% of the urine on the carpet. Gravity pulls the carpet odor down into the lower carpet fibers and perhaps the sub-flooring. Over time pet odors become hygroscopic alkaline salts. The scents get more potent when the humidity levels are high because the salts pull moisture out of the air and into your carpets. When this happens, microbial growth occurs, and cross-contamination can make you sick. You need to clean, restore and eliminate the odors by cleaning the carpet and pad.

For serious carpet urine cleaning, we recommend cleaning the carpet and padding. Our Philadelphia Suburbs cleaning services crew uses a specially designed tool with a vacuum process ten times stronger than usual, which channels suction from the bottom up. With this process, odors are decimated from the carpet and padding, saving you thousands on replacing the carpet and padding.

In most cases, we can neutralize volatile odor at the molecular level leaving only fresh sterile air. By treating your odors the right way, you can expect a noticeable difference in the air quality.

What is subsurface carpet cleaning?

Removal Pet Odor From Carpets Subsurface extraction

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If you are interested in our odor removal services in the Philadelphia suburbs, please call 610-292-9069 or complete our online request form.

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