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Like most citizens of the world, Americans these days are cleaning and decontaminating everything. Many people now understand there’s a big difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting service. COVID19 has awakened the world to the potential viruses lurking in all public spaces, and even our homes.

Following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the best ways to protect your family from getting sick. But the coronavirus is elusive and can easily be overlooked. It’s just like grandma said, “don’t touch anything. There could be germs on it! She is right. All surfaces that are frequently touched have bacteria on them. Unfortunately, in many cases, improper cleaning methods smear the contamination, making matters worse.

When it comes to disinfecting residential homes, we know that safety, cleanliness, and trust are of utmost importance. Be comforted in the fact that you choose the most highly rated cleaning service near your town. It’s our pleasure to be able to provide local customers like you with the best residential disinfecting service for the best price.

How Much Does It Cost Disinfect My Home?

It is important all surfaces are free and clear of clutter, food, paper, jewelry, and any other objects that will not allow our misting to reach. If a surface is dirty, it must be adequately cleaned and sanitized before it can be properly disinfected,

Only $0.19 per square foot

  • Apply EPA CDC hospital-grade disinfectant via (ULV) Foggers.
  • Hand wipe all faucets, light switches, doorknobs, toilet, microwave, and refrigerator handles.
  • 10% off any additional cleaning and sanitizing services.
  • Should you need house cleaning, carpet cleaning, or air duct cleaning, we have been in business for over 20 years and would gladly help you out.

$150 minimum per visit. Properties over 4000 square feet save 5%. Should you need house cleaning, carpet cleaning, or air duct cleaning, we have been in business for over 20 years and would gladly help out.

* For your safety, occupants are not permitted in the house during and up to 2 hours after the disinfecting process.

Why Hire A1 Sparkles Residential Disinfecting Service?

A1 Sparkles Disinfecting Service uses only EPA, and CDC approved hospital-grade disinfectants. Professional and polite cleaning technicians. We have the equipment and dedicated employees to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect your home, workspace, or common areas.

We use American made Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Foggers. These ULV’s are used with alcohol-based formulations producing smaller sized droplets in the 8-15-micron size, and dispersing up to 25 feet.

By adhering to the CDC recommendations and practicing smart disinfecting practices, we can each do our part to stem the pandemic here in Pennsylvania.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus on your home, auto, or office, please reach out to A1 Sparkles Cleaning today at 610-292-9069. Our residential disinfection service team is ready when you are.

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