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Phoenixville Rug Cleaning — Best Rug Cleaners in Phoenixville, PA 19460

Phoenixville Rug Cleaning by A1 Sparkles. The Best Rug Cleaning in the Phoenixville Area. Drop off or we pick up your rugs.

Natural Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Phoenixville Rug Cleaning we believe regular area rug cleaning is very important for maintaining the health, longevity and beauty of your fine rugs. Depending on the amount of traffic, we recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

At Phoenixville Rug Cleaning by A1 Sparkles Rug Cleaning, we use non-toxic natural methods that will not harm your rugs structure. Most area rugs are made from wool which in itself is natural. Therefore using all natural products only makes sense.

When we are finished cleaning your rugs, they will look just like they did the day you bought them.

To fit your budget and solve dirty rug problems Phoenixville Rug Cleaning by A1 Sparkles offers two types of rug cleaning services. Our in house freshen up is for area rugs that do not require a heavy duty cleaning. This service is not recommended for heavily soiled rugs, pet stains, odors, or rugs that have not been cleaned in the last two years. Our pickup and delivery service is for the deepest cleaning available. We can even bathe your valuable rug in an enzyme tub and ozone treat to remove rug odors.

In House Rug Cleaning Rate $0.89-.$0.99 per sf $110 minimum.

Rug Cleaners at your house

  • Basic furniture moving & tabbing
  • Prepare and establish protected areas
  • 5 step oriental rug cleaning
  • Post cleaning wrap up, & free rug spotter

Our In House Rug Cleaning Process

1.  Inspection and Testing: Every rug is thoroughly inspected for areas of concern before cleaning.

2.  Vacuuming: Using compressed air or a our mechanized rug duster in your home is out of the question, Instead we will vacuum your rug using multiple passes  to extract as much dry soil a possible.

3.  Washing: Your rugs are preconditioned with an organic wool safe rug treatment. Pet stains, spots and odors receive extra attention, but will not be 100% removed. (They must go to the plant for heavy duty rug washing.)

4.  Rinsing: Our powerful 25 hp vacuum will work its tail off extracting as much dirt and stains as possible. Rinsing is done by injecting purified water directly into the rugs pile while simultaneously extracting any soil.

5.  Drying: Using our specially designed green glided wand glide we will perform multiple dry pass to extract as much water as possible. We then clean around the edges while drying the floor.

In-plant Rug Cleaning Rates. $2.19-$2.39 per sf $110 minimum.

20% Savings – You drop off and pick up your rugs!

Rug Cleaning Price Includes

At Phoenixville Rug Cleaning by A1 Sparkles
  • Pick up – Furniture moving and rug roll up
  • In-plant rug cleaning
  • 14-28 day turnaround
  • Delivery – Re-roll rug, furniture moving & free spotter

Fine Rug Cleaning At The Rug Spa 

1. Inspection and TestingEvery rug, no matter how large or small, is thoroughly inspected for areas of concern before the wash process. Damaged and weak areas are noted and may alter the cleaning method.

Persian rug cleaning, dirt removal2. Dusting: This is impressive – no more hanging rugs over the clothesline and beating it with a broom! Using compressed air or our Wolverine mechanized rug duster we blast out the dust and dirt your vacuum can’t even begin to reach. You have to see it to believe it!  Using 3 different specialty vacuums we then go over the fibers and backing to ensure the rug is free of dirt.

3. Washing: Depending on the rugs fiber type and condition most rugs are washed by hand in our wash basin. We clean the front and back. For pet odor removal we add enzymes and soak the rug over night. Rollers, pile lifters, and scrubbers are used to agitate and flex the rug on our grid system. While rug cleaning in the basin fresh water enters in one end, and dirty water is pumped out at the opposite end. This helps simulate our river wash method

4. Rinsing: We like to simulate a river wash. The first rinse is in our wash basin by running cool water over and under your rug, until all the dirt is released. The second rinse is after the rug is brought up out of the pit and is hanging on the drying rack. Water is allowed to drain from the rug and then fresh water is introduced again at the top of the rug. As the clean water moves through the rug, it pulls out whatever small amount soil that might still remain. Depending on the rug and its condition, this final rinse may be done from one to three times.

5. Drying and Detailing: Freshly cleaned rugs are dried overnight. This is accomplished by turning the wash area into the Mojave Desert. In the summer months we like to dry the rugs outside in the sun, when possible. Otherwise room temperature is brought up to and maintained 65 -85 degrees year round. Numerous fans and large dehumidifiers are turned on and strategically placed to move air through the rugs during the drying process. Once the rugs are dry on the following day, the rugs are inspected and may be cleaned again, repeating the rug washing process. Once they pass inspection the rugs are again vacuumed and carpet protector is applied if elected.

Residents of Phoenixville PA 19460. Save 20% – Drop off and pick up your rugs at our Norristown Rug Cleaning Spa!

We have 2 locations for you to drop off and pick up your rugs. If your rugs are less than 10-12 and have no pet odors you can drop them or at our Bridgeport office. Just 5 minutes from King of Prussia. For large, or rugs with odors visit our Rug Spa in Norristown. At West Main and Markley.

Additional In-Plant Rug Cleaning Service Rates

•Scotchgard® $0.29 sq ft  •Anti Allergen $0.29 sq ft  •De-Mouthing $0.29 sq ft  •Odor Control $0.39 sq ft ($50 minimum)  •Fringe Whitening $2.00 Lf

10% off, have your rug rolled and ready.

Phoenixville Rug Cleaning by A1 Sparkles is Philadelphia’s and South Jersey’s premier rug cleaning company. We offer a variety of professional cleaning services to quality-minded clients, so you have the convenience and trust of dealing with a single cleaning service for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need a reliable house cleaning service, or your air ducts cleaned, carpet cleaning, Oriental rugs, tile & grout, upholstery, dryer vent, we’ve got you covered. Additionally our cleaning rates are competitive so you don’t have to compromise between the best cleaning service and an affordable one.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After your cleaning and before we pack up for the next job if you are not 100% satisfied with your cleaning we’ll re clean the area for free.

If You Find A Better Price, We’ll Beat It!. Our cleaning rates are so competitive that if you find a similar cleaning service we will match or beat their cleaning rates.

Phoenixville Rug Cleaning — Best Rug Cleaners in Phoenixville, PA 19460