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A Richer Healthier Home

get rich in 2017

How keeping a clean home can make you rich in 2017! New year’s is the time, naturally, for life changing decisions. It is a major event in most people’s lives, and is usually characterized with a resurgence of a positive outlook to meet whatever fate might bring head on. Consider the following reasons why a […]

Question: Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet?

It’s everyone’s worse nightmare. You hire someone to clean your carpet and when they’re done it’s shrunk into a smaller pile. I’ve dreamed that dream before, and the carpet technician in my dream didn’t understand why I was upset. In reality though, this isn’t usually a concern in our modern day. Find out why. Answer: […]

Are Newspapers a Good Mirror and Glass Cleaning Tool?

You’ll hear it in a lot of places…the idea that newspapers can be used to polish up a mirror or glass. You can recycle the paper and get your glass clean at the same time. But does it work. It does work, but it’s not usually the best option, and there may be some serious […]

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