Have you ever walked into your home and thought, “What’s that smell?” The food in your fridge is fresh, the trash is empty, and even after a house-wide scrubbing you still can’t find the source!

If this sounds like you, you may be dealing with a carpet odor problem. Unfortunately, the smell is not something that can be removed with your standard household vacuum. But don’t panic, A1 Sparkles has the solution!

A professional carpet odor removal service from A1 Sparkles can do the trick to get rid of that musty carpet smell. But you may be wondering what is causing the odor in the first place? Here is a list of the possible culprits causing your carpet to smell:Clean air ducts

  • Moisture – Water can get trapped under your carpet from a flood, a spill, dripping potted plants or even just humidity. It then leaves a foul smell and can cause mold growth, which will only make the smell worse!
  • Cigarette Smoke – If someone is smoking regularly in the home, the carpet will suck up all that smoke odor. The smoker may not notice, but his or her guests sure will.
  • Pet Odors – Pet accidents like urine and vomit can leave an obvious odor, but even after you’ve cleaned it smelly particles can still remain in the carpet. This is because the bacteria in the stain releases gasses as it digests the substance. Sometimes, only a professional clean can thoroughly get the job done.
  • Spills – Like pet accidents, food and drink are organic material so they attract bacteria. The bacteria from these spills will also release smelly gases when it breaks down.
  • Old Age – Carpeting is made from fibers that will break down over time, causing a musty smell. An old carpet might just need to be totally replaced.

Remove Carpet Odor Once and For All!

If your carpet is leaving your home smelling unpleasant, call the odor removal experts at A1 Sparkles who can neutralize the volatile smell at the molecular level. Our carpet odor removal services will not only remove the lingering smell, but they’ll improve the overall air quality in your home as well!

Schedule an appointment with A1 Sparkles online, or call us today at 610-292-9069. We serve homes in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas like Norristown, Merion, Villanova and more! Contact us today and find out why we have the highest reputation for cleaning services in the area!