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There doesn’t seem to be much time for house cleaning in today’s busy world—the solution used to be as comical as Rosie, the robotic maid from the Jetsons. Nowadays, you can hire a maid service and leave house cleaning to a professional.

A1 Sparkles offers the best weekly, biweekly, monthly, and one-time house cleanings. Our maids work fast and are equipped with expert house cleaning equipment.

We also clean offices and have elite maid teams to inventory, manage, and clean Airbnbs.

If you’re looking for the best maids or housekeepers near you, you found them! Our house cleaners are courteous, efficient, and trustworthy. They are trained to make every step count, like professional maids conducting house chores with grace and speed

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  • Weekly House Cleaning Save $100
  • Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Save $75
  • Monthly House Cleaning Save $50
  • Credited to your account after the 5th visit

Airbnb Cleaning

Airbnb cleaning is the fastest-growing division of our house cleaning team. In July 2021, we hired an esteemed Marriot house cleaning manager from Miami to establish training and recruiting to meet the demands of Airbnb owners. The first thing we learned is that it takes an elite team and special management attention to meet and surpass the highly detailed requirements of Airbnb owners.

If you are an Airbnb owner, don’t hesitate to ask about our Airbnb cleaning checklist.

A1 Sparkles is the Best House Cleaning service in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Please call (610) 292-9069, book online, or complete our online request form. Thank you.

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Choose from our Standard House Cleaning, Deep Clean , or the Move Out / In-House Cleaning Package.

Standard House Cleaning 50-Point Check List
  1. All Areas High dust walls and corners
  2. Dust ceiling fans
  3. Dust air vents registers
  4. Dust chair rails and door panels
  5. Dust blinds, windowsills, and ledges
  6. Dust furniture
  7. Dust pictures frames
  8. Dust lamps, lampshades, and light fixtures
  9. Dust TV and computer screens
  10. Dust and clean mirrors
  11. Dust furniture tops (furniture polish upon request)
  12. Clean and disinfect cabinet exteriors
  13. Low dust baseboards and corners
  14. Cobweb patrol
  15. Vacuum upholstered furniture
  16. Fluff upholstery pillows
  17. Fold throw blankets
  18. Vacuum carpets and area rugs
  19. Vacuum, disinfect and mop floors
  20. Windex mirrors
  21. Vacuum tracks on sliding glass doors
  22. Clean interior and exterior glass doors
  23. Disinfect doorknobs, locks, and switch plates
  24. Clean washer/dryer exterior and inside washer lid
  25. Empty trash and replace the liners
  26. Organize and straighten up
  27. Bathrooms Clean shower glass doors
  28. Vacuum and wipe shower door tracks
  29. Clean and disinfect, and showers, tubs, and sinks
  30. Clean and disinfect toilets inside and out
  31. Clean and disinfect the medicine cabinet exterior top and sides
  32. Organize toiletries and pleat toilet paper
  33. Shine faucets fixtures
  34. Kitchen Clean and disinfect the top and outside of the refrigerator
  35. Clean and disinfect countertops
  36. Clean and disinfect the backsplash
  37. Clean and disinfect cabinet knobs
  38. Clean and disinfect microwave inside and out
  39. Remove coffee grinds and clean the filter
  40. Clean and disinfect the exterior of the oven
  41. Clean and disinfect the range
  42. Clean and disinfect the exterior dishwasher
  43. Clean and disinfect external appliances
  44. Clean and disinfect the kitchen table
  45. Clean interior toaster
  46. Clean and disinfect the sink
  47. Bedrooms Fluff bedding pillows
  48. Remove the sheets
  49. Change linens (if fresh lines are left out)
  50. Vacuum under the bed (if permittable)
Deep Clean 62-Step Cleaning Check List

Everything included in the standard house cleaning plus:

  1. Damp wipe baseboards and windowsills
  2. Damp wipe door panels and frames
  3. Clean kitchen/bathroom cabinet tops
  4. Clean/scrub range filters
  5. Clean interior oven
  6. Clean interior broiler
  7. Clean interior refrigerator
  8. Remove wall scuffs (limited to a reasonable amount)
  9. Clean and sanitize tracks on sliding glass doors
  10. Polish wood furniture
  11. Extra attention is given to bathrooms
  12. Extra attention is given to the kitchen
Move Out / In-House Cleaning 66-Step Cleaning Check List

Everything included in the regular cleaning and deep cleaning plus:

  1. Clean and disinfect interior medicine cabinets
  2. Clean and disinfect internal drawers and cabinets
  3. Clean kitchen/bathroom cabinet tops
  4. Extra attention is given to dusting all areas