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Can House Cleaning Improve Your Health?

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Health Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service If you are someone who isn’t in the habit of keeping the house clean and doesn’t see its importance, you may want to reconsider. We all know a clean home looks great, but more importantly, research shows that it can make you feel great too – mentally and […]

Are Newspaper a Good Mirror and Glass Cleaning Tool?

Are Newspaper a Good Mirror and Glass Cleaning Tool? You’ll hear it in a lot of places…the idea that newspaperscan be used to polish up a mirror or glass. You can recycle the paper and getyour glass clean at the same time. But does it work. It does work, but it’s not usually the best […]

Dusting Tips

Dusting Tips  By  A1 Sparkles Cleaning Philadelphia PA   1. Keep windows, doors, and garage doors closed.  2. If you like to keep your windows open, buy allergen protective screens (go to  3. Buy high end filters for your home that minimize dust.  4. Take off your shoes before coming into your home and […]

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