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Health Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

If you are someone who isn’t in the habit of keeping the house clean and doesn’t see its importance, you may want to reconsider. We all know a clean home looks great, but more importantly, research shows that it can make you feel great too – mentally and physically! The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air can be five times more polluted than the air outside. So if you’re spending most of your time inside, you could be inhaling dust mites, mold, pollen, and many other toxins that are detrimental to your overall health.

Prolonging taking care of the mess until tomorrow (or the next day, and the next day…) is certainly the easiest option, but keep your home clean and you could start seeing the following benefits:

  1. Reduced allergies – Many of the toxins we mentioned earlier are major causes of scratchy eyes and runny noses, but a fresh clean home keeps the dust and mold out and reduces the number of impurities floating around in the air.
  2. Sanitation – Dirty kitchens and bathrooms can be the perfect habitat for bacteria and viruses. Germ-killing cleaning products will destroy illnesses like E. coli, staph bacteria, and Salmonella that could be lurking in your own home.
  3. Less stress – Just being in a clean home can make you feel at ease, especially with the knowledge that there are now fewer chores on your to-do list.
  4. Reduced risk of injury – This one is simple: Without clutter, you are less likely to trip over toys, clothes, stacks of boxes, or whatever else is lying around.
  5. More social opportunities – A house that appears sloppy and poorly maintained isn’t likely to be the social hotspot for you and your friends. When everything looks clean and in order, aren’t you more inclined to host get-togethers at your place? There’s no need to feel embarrassed about the state of your home. We can create a tidy and welcoming environment that your guests will admire.  

Call A1 Sparkles and Keep You and Your Home Healthy!

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