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Prices of Vacuum Cleaners?

There are a few general rules about vacuum cleaners andprice. Upright vacuum cleaners are overall less expensive than canister vacuumcleaners. Another general rule is that newer features can drive up cost.
An upright vacuum cleaner will cost anywhere from 50 dollarsfor a low-end lightweight model, to over 1000 dollars for some of the newermost advanced models.
Low-End Upright Vacuum Cleaners
A low-end upright model will have a suction hose with acrevice tool, stair brush, and extended wand piece. The lower priced uprightvacuum cleaner may include manual adjustment for the height of the carpet. Atthe lower-end of uprights you will find a few models that have an additionalfeature, like bag less models or bagged models with a full bag indicator light.They may also have headlamps and/or bumper protection for furniture. It will bedifficult to find advanced filtration systems in the bottom price range.
Higher Priced Upright Vacuum Cleaners
These upper-priced upright vacuum cleaners may range between200-500 dollars, depending on the features. The highest of these models maycarry every available feature of an upright vacuum cleaner. They may be trueHEPA vacuums. They will have a wider cleaning path, possibly dirt sensors, andsome will be self-propelled. You will find pre-motor filters to protect themotor from damage in this price range as well. The suction hoses may be moresturdy and crush resistant. Though not necessarily more powerful, these vacuumcleaners have a lot of gadgets that may be handy for your home.
Highest Priced Upright Vacuum Cleaners
The highest level of upright vacuum cleaners is veryexpensive. These brands may cost anywhere from 800 dollars and above. Vacuumcleaners over 1000 dollars are even possible. Many times you may pay a lot ofmoney for a vacuum cleaner that will perform at the same level as a much lessexpensive upright vacuum cleaner.
Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Canister vacuums range anywhere from 150 dollars to 1500dollars. Canister vacuum cleaners can be bagged or bagless. Some canistervacuum cleaners offer HEPA filtration. You’ll want to look for a canistervacuum cleaner with wheels that won’t scuff or damage your floors. Canistervacuum cleaners that have onboard tool storage are convenient.
Higher Priced Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Higher end canister vacuums may have a power nozzle, and asuction control switch. Controlling the suction allows canister vacuums toclean delicate and heavy duty areas of the home. There is not much differencein the abilities of canister vacuums cleaners between the bottom and top. Tomake your choice you will need to look at the company, warranty information,customer service reputation, and bonus features. Some canister vacuum cleanersare doing better at cleaning both carpet and hard floors better by having anon/off brush roll, so you may want to make a choice based on versatility. Liketheir upright vacuum cleaner cousins, canister vacuum cleaners at the uppermostend of the price range may be merely expensive and not necessarily higherquality or more effective.
Your Needs vs. Price
Although price may play a large part in your decision topurchase a vacuum cleaner, choosing a vacuum cleaner based on the features youneed most will help you keep your costs down, while buying a vacuum cleanerthat is a good fit for your needs.

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