Before shopping for new carpet, it is important to understand the four main types of carpet fibers and carefully weigh the pros and cons that type of carpet each offers.
1. Wool Carpet is the most expensive choice for a good reason. Wool carpet is the softest, most luxurious feel that its natural fiber affords. It also comes in a range of various hues, repels moisture and is extremely durable. The problem with wool carpet is it must be properly cleaned. Carpet cleaners that use strong chemical cleaners and portable units can permanently damage wool carpet.
2. Nylon Carpet is among the most widely used carpeting options due the comfort, durability and high stain-resistance that it offers. These traits make it ideal to use in high traffic areas, but not in areas prone to moisture. It is perfect for hallways, stairs, and living areas. For heavy duty functions, choose nylon carpets that have been manufactured to be densely packed as they retain their rich texture longer than standard carpeting.
3. Polyester Carpet offers quite the same comfort/quality as that of nylon. It may also be stain resistant but may easily attract dirt. If not cleaned often polyester carpet fibers can scratch easily causing irreversible traffic lanes.
4. Olefin Carpet (Berber) is popular for its extreme durability and resistance to moisture as well as chemicals and bleaches. The downside with this type is walking barefoot on it may not prove to be a pleasurable experience. Furniture can leave permanent marks in Olefin carpet, so if your plan to rearrange your furniture Olefin carpet might not be a good choice.

Choosing the right carpet means making the wisest investment that helps you achieve harmony in terms of interior design while affording you simple cleaning and care.

Here are several tips and factors to look into to bring the greatest bang to every buck.

How Much Does New Carpet Truly Cost?
For most new carpet shoppers cost is a major issue, and one that often leads people toward “buying cheap carpet.” These People soon realize that their purchase wasn’t really economical. Cheap carpet tends to stain easily and wear badly, requiring premature replacement. So,
spend wisely not cheaply.

The area in your home where you plan to install the carpet will determine the potential wear and tear. Don’t forget to factor in other elements that it will be exposed to.
Do you have the time, and will you invest the effort, to maintain the beauty of your carpet? Ideally, your choices should mirror your lifestyle.
Wall-to-wall or area rug
An area rug is ideal for families or homeowners who want to compliment an attractive hardwood or stone floor. The colors of area rugs can also add a touch of ambiance to any room. For renters area rugs can be an excellent choice, because it can travel with them when the move out.
Wall-to-wall carpeting, however, is a popular option that can provide any room with luxury and style. One of the most overlooked benefits of wall to wall carpet is it can improve the air you breath. As air moves through your home, carpets act like an air filter, catching and trapping air contaminants. Carpet fitting requires skills and expertise. For the best quality fitting, hire IICRC professional installers. If you buy your carpet from a big box store, remember they use the cheapest subcontractors to install it. If they are not IICRC certified carpet installers, make sure they use carpet power stretchers.