If you want carpets that sparkle use these carpet care tips.

Tip 1: Choose High Quality Carpet. Builder grade carpet or really cheap carpet will not release stains and damages easily. For the best carpet price stay in the mid-range rates. Make sure your carpet comes with a Stainmaster warranty. If your looking to go top-shelf buy a wool carpet. These natural fibers are hypo allergenic and wool carpets can last a lifetimecarpet cleaning.
Tip 2: Clean Up Pet Accidents. Do this immediately. Otherwise they will cause permanent fiber damage.
Tip 3: Leave The Dirt Outside. Invest in heavy-duty door mats and remove your shoes.
Tip 4: Avoid Accidents. Confine all drinks and meals to the kitchen. It’s the only way to prevent spills.
Tip 5: Vacuum Often. In high-traffic areas daily. For less-traveled areas, one to two times per week.  Use multiple overlapping passes and you will remove damaging dirt from the fibers.
Tip 6: Clean Spills Quickly. Dry blot first. Then apply spotter. Agitate and rinse carpet until no product remains. Dry area with clean towel until no moisture wicks up from the carpet.
Tip 7: Avoid Traffic Lanes. Once you start to see traffic lanes its time to act. High traffic areas can crush your carpet fibers. Prevent traffic patterns with regular care and by moving your furniture around.
Tip 8: Clean The Carpet. Hire an IICRC, truck mount steam carpet cleaning company at least yearly.

Simple carpet care tips can make your carpet look better and last longer.