Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Philadelphia, PA- March 27th, 2012- Philadelphia based house cleaning and carpet cleaning company, A1Sparkles, has just launched its much anticipated hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing service. The announcement by the ever growing cleaning company is meant to inform customers of the entirety of its services and its importance to your home.  For over three years and thousands of dollars invested in unsuccessfully trying various hardwood floor cleaning systems the company finally found a system that works. After attending server training seminars at Inter Link Supply in Philadelphia, sponsored by Basic Floor Coatings, the company is now offer its customers a solution to maintaining hardwood floors without the cost or mess that conventional hardwood floor sanding company’s offer.

The training workshops help professional carpet cleaning companies with the specific procedures and cleaning challenges to overcome when performing hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing. Additionally the training went over the features of its new hardwood floor cleaning equipment and its possible residential and commercial hardwood floor cleaning applications. One such example is to use the system to beautiful and prolong the life span of gym hardwoods.

The goal is to provide customers with an inexpensive method to clean and refinish their hardwood floors while extracting tiny dirt particles that if left untreated will result in permanent damage to all hardwood floors.

More information about A1 Sparkles hardwood floor cleaning can be found at the company’s newly redesigned website

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