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Spring into a Clean Home

thank you for cleaning with us

Sparkles of Spring? Finally, there is an end in sight to this long winter! March 20th is the first day of Spring and warm weather is on its way. While everyone is dusting off their warm weather clothing and packing up their sweaters and thick overcoats, our houses are ready to get some much-needed attention, […]

5 Secrets About Carpet Cleaning

No matter how clean you keep your house, a nasty carpet stain is bound to happen. Whether it’s food, dirt, pet accidents or all of the above, chances are you’re dying to remove it – and fast! But anyone who’s tried to scrub last night’s red wine out of a white rug knows it’s not […]

How To Keep Your Carpet Warranty Valid

Buying A New Carpet?

Keep Your Carpet Warranty Valid Would you drive your car for 100,000 miles without changing the oil? Of course you would not. To keep your engine in good working order, you change the oil and do a tune up once and a while, right? Your carpet is the same way. Just like regular auto maintenance, carpets require […]

CBS Philly’s Jim Donovan & Angie’s List: Keeping Your Carpets Clean

By Jim Donovan PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Are you thinking about getting your carpets cleaned and tempted by ads offering rock bottom prices? But how many of those ads are too good to be true? In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains what you should know so that carpet cleaning doesn’t end up ruining […]

How To Hire The Best Carpet Cleaner In Philadelphia

Firstly, congratulations! The benefits of having someone a professionally cleaned carpet for you are fantastic: prolonged life span, beautiful appearance, softer feel, and improved indoor air quality. A sparkling home or business is what we all want, and it starts with you carpets. If you are in the Philadelphia area internet search will show over […]

Question: Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet?

Question: Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet? It’s everyone’s worse nightmare. You hire someone to cleanyour carpet and when they’re done it’s shrunk into a smaller pile. I’ve dreamedthat dream before, and the carpet technician in my dream didn’t understand whyI was upset. In reality though, this isn’t usually a concern in our modern day.Find […]

How To Remove Urine From Carpet

Keep the following items on hand so you will be prepared to handle fresh spills on your carpet: Neutral dish detergent such as Dawn® Spotter such as our free life time replacement Spot Out® and Enzyme product for urine stains Clean Rags, Small Scrub Brush, and Bottled/Purified Water Hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) for browning stains; […]

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