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DYI Carpet Cleaning Check List

Carpet cleaning is a task you can do yourself, and with decent results. There comes a time for every carpet when vacuuming can no longer restore its beauty. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional there are 5 major indicators of when it’s time for a deep carpet cleaning. Saving money […]

How To Keep Your Carpet Warranty Valid

Buying A New Carpet?

Keep Your Carpet Warranty Valid Would you drive your car for 100,000 miles without changing the oil? Of course you would not. To keep your engine in good working order, you change the oil and do a tune up once and a while, right? Your carpet is the same way. Just like regular auto maintenance, carpets require […]

Question: Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet?

Question: Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Shrink Your Carpet? It’s everyone’s worse nightmare. You hire someone to cleanyour carpet and when they’re done it’s shrunk into a smaller pile. I’ve dreamedthat dream before, and the carpet technician in my dream didn’t understand whyI was upset. In reality though, this isn’t usually a concern in our modern day.Find […]

How To Remove Urine From Carpet

Keep the following items on hand so you will be prepared to handle fresh spills on your carpet: Neutral dish detergent such as Dawn® Spotter such as our free life time replacement Spot Out® and Enzyme product for urine stains Clean Rags, Small Scrub Brush, and Bottled/Purified Water Hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) for browning stains; […]

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