The 5  Methods of Carpet Cleaning

1. Absorbent Compound

An organic or synthetic compound that is spread into the carpet, absorbs soils, and is removed by dry vacuuming. 
Advantage                                           Disadvantage
Low Moisture                                        Low Cleaning Power
Allows Blending                                    Carpet Fiber Distortion
Quick Return to Service                       Leaves Some Residue – No Rinse
Not recommended.  Used as an interim or spot cleaning for commercial carpet or dry rug cleaning applications.

2.  Dry Foam

A preconditioner may or may not be used prior to application of a foam detergent.  Once the foam is distributed suspended soils and the foam are extracted by a wet vacuum.

Advantage                                           Disadvantage
Low Moisture                                        Low Cleaning Power – Surface Only
Surface Cleaning                                  Increased Resoling – Low Extraction
Easy Application                                   Leaves Dry Dirt Residue – No Rinse
Not recommended. Out dated technology, sometimes used in quick cleaning carpet cleaning for hospitality industry.

3.  Shampoo

A preconditioner may or may not be used prior to shampooing.  A foaming detergent is showered into the carpet surface followed by a nylon rotating brush that creates a foam suspends soil. Either a wet vacuum or dry vacuum is used to extract soils. 
 Advantage                                           Disadvantage
Aggressive Cleaning Power                Surface Only
Surface Cleaning                                  Very High Resoling – Little Soil Extraction
Easy Application                                   High Soapy Residue – No Rinse
Not recommended. Out dated technology, sometimes used in hospitality industry.

4. Encapsulation

A cleaning agent is brushed into the carpet using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine. Encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes so it can attract other soils. The encapsulated soil particles are removed through dry vacuuming or pile lifters.
Advantage                                           Disadvantage
Excellent Cleaning Power                      No Health Benefits
Mid Surface Cleaning                            May Cause De laminating
Improved Vacuuming                            Chemical Residue
Recommended for commercial use only.  Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning is technologically advanced, providing excellent low moisture mid surface carpet cleaning. Carpet surface continues to improve over time with regular vacuuming.  At this time residential applications are not considered a professional carpet cleaners best practice.

5.  Absorbent Pad (Bonnet / Oscillating Pad)

A carbonated preconditioner may be used prior to application.  Once the precondidtioner is distributed suspended soils are agitated and extracted via rotary bonnet absorbsution. Bonnets must be turned over or replace frequently to ensure good absorption rates. 
Advantage                                           Disadvantage
Low Moisture                                        Moderate Cleaning Power
Mid-Surface Cleaning                         Professional Use Only
Easy Application                                  Little Residue – No Rinse
Interim or Combined Carpet Cleaning Only.
Often used by franchise carpet cleaners for commercial and residential applications for its easy application.  Bonnet Carpet Cleaning produces good visual results but does not clean deep down,  reducing the ability to remove stains and offering little health benefits. Excellent Carpet Cleaning results can be achieved when combined with Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning.

6.  Hot Water Extraction (Steam Carpet Cleaning)

Although there are many different carpet cleaning methods Hot Water Extraction is the safest and most effective method for deep down carpet cleaning. Often called Steam Cleaning this proven technology is a favorite among professional carpet cleaners, and customers. Our method of Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning involves an organic or synthetic preconditioner that breaks down and suspends soils so that they may be flushed out from the carpet using a hot water rinse.  Even heavily soiled carpets will look and feel like new. The rinsing process is completed by powerful vacuums that extract the suspended soils and any remaining water. The result is a healthy deep down carpet clean.
Under normal circumstances your carpets will be dry to the touch with in 2 to 3 hours. Drying times vary according to humidity, and soil levels. The use of high speed air movers will drastically increase your carpets drying time. For heavily soiled carpets complete drying should be accomplished with in 6 to 8 hours. Included in our process we provide you with shoe covers or “booties” that allow you immediate access to the cleaned carpets. 
Advantage                                                       Disadvantage
Excellent Cleaning Power                                  4 – 8  Hour Drying Time
Deep Down & Surface Cleaning                       IICRC Professional Use Only
Safe, Healthy and No Chemical Residue         Suitable To Over Wetting / Operator Error 
Commercial And Residential Carpet Cleaning. Heavy Duty Carpet Restoration, Disaster Recovery or Interim Carpet Cleaning.  Considered the Gold Standard, Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning is the most popular choice among professional and consumers alike. Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning not only produces excellent visual and textural results, it also is the only carpet cleaning method that has added health benefits to indoor air quality.  When properly applied by a certified Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) you can expect clean, soft, healthy and longer lasting carpets.